Chicken Ranch Sex Menu

Have Us 'Your Way'

Appetizers - used as foreplay or prelude to sex

  • Massage - the lady rubs and massages a man for relaxation and/or masturbating him to climax.
  • Exchange Massage - same as above except the man also rubs and massages the lady.
  • Breast Massage - a man kisses, rubs and massages the ladies' breasts or lady massages man's body using her breasts.
  • Lingerie Show - the lady models sexy underwear, such as nighties, garter belts with nylons, crotchless panties, etc.
  • Bubble Bath - a lady prepares a hot bubble or mineral bath for the man. The couple may bathe together if desired.
  • Hot French Oil Massage - the lady warms a French massaging oil and massages the man with the oil.

A La Carte - a primary sex activity generally leading to the man's climax

  • Body French - the lady kisses, licks, caresses the man with her tongue, about his neck, shoulders, nipples and stomach.
  • Bondage - the man is submissive while a dominating woman has sex with him while he is passively restrained.
  • Dominance - the man is submissive to a dominating woman.
  • Drag Party - the man dresses up in women's clothing.
  • Hot and Cold French - the lady performs oral sex holding liquids of different temperature in her mouth to give different sensations.

Ranch Specialties - complete course of fun and sex

  • Movies - video player with a large selection of Adult titles.
  • In Date - a man may stay for extended periods of time, such as overnight, with a lady in her room at the Ranch.
  • Audio Delight - unique travels into the pleasures of sound. Listen to different fantasies while enjoying your favorite appetizer.
  • Jacuzzi Spa - couples or groups.
  • Couples Party - a man and a woman enjoy the exquisite pleasures of one of our ladies.
  • Bungalow Party - lose yourself in a themed atmosphere where time has no meaning, but pleasure and comfort mean everything. The Bungalow Suites are not for everyone but reserved for the man who can afford the very best.
  • Woman to Woman Party - for the woman that loves the pleasures that only another woman can give. Or, for those women that are curious to find out.

Entrees - a main sex activity generally leading to the man's climax

  • Straight Lay - conventional missionary intercourse.
  • Half and Half - a lady performs oral sex, bringing the man to erection, but not climaxing, then conventional missionary intercourse, climaxing with oral sex.
  • Reversed Half and Half - beginning with conventional intercourse, climaxing with oral sex.
  • Two Girl Show - two ladies perform with each other while the man watches.
  • Two Girl Party - two ladies attending to the man.
  • Vibrator - let me titillate you... or you can do me.
  • Fantasy Session - basically, you get what you want.

Desserts - more fun

  • Creme de Menthe French - the lady wets her mouth with a creme de menthe liqueur and then performs oral sex on the man.
  • Shower Party - before or after sex, the couple takes a shower together.
  • Seduction - A cocktail or two... then to my boudoir... soft music... let me tease you and please you.