Chicken Ranch FAQs

answers to your most common questions


Q - I was wondering if you could give me some kind of estimate as to how much it would cost?"
A - 
Due to the fact that the ladies are independent contractors we cannot quote you prices. The ladies need a general idea of what activities you are interested in to be able to negotiate with you.

Here’s a general idea of how it would work: You tell the lady that you have selected activities you are interested in and how much money you have to work with. She will let you know if you are in the ballpark for these activities for that amount of money and if not, you negotiate! Email the Lady of your choice from her Profile Page.

Q - Do I have to have a line up?
A - 
No, If you wish you may look over the pictures of the ladies on our website and email them to ask if they will be available during the time you plan to visit us. You can then make arrangements for an appointment by calling us at 702-382-0793 for the lady of your desires.

If she doesn’t respond, she is probably on vacation. You can email the Madam and she will be able to set an appointment for you if your lady is scheduled to work during the dates that you are interested in.

P.S. Our lineup is posted every Tuesday for the following week.

Q - How do I know who’s going to be working?
A -
 The lineup for the following week is posted on Tuesday on our website.  Due to the fact that the ladies' travel plans vary so frequently it is difficult to schedule any further in advance with any certainty. Therefore, please check our line up posting regularly or online calendar.

Q - Me and my Wife or Girlfriend would like to visit, do you allow couples?
A - 
Couples parties are what we call a 'specialty party'. Not all of the Chicken Ranch ladies choose to participate in couples parties. If you see pictures of a lady you are interested in you can email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and inquire as to whether she participates or not. If she does and you would like to request her for a specific date and time, you would need to arrange that through our reservation number by calling us at 702-382-0793.

Also, some of the Chicken Ranch ladies do not wish to have their pictures on our website, so the perfect lady for your party may be here but not pictured on the site. In that case you would come out to the ranch, have a line up of available ladies for your particular specialty party, pick one from the line up and negotiate your party with her. Or you may request the presence of the ladies in our bar where you can relax, have a cocktail and chat prior to making a selection.

We understand that coming to a brothel for the first time can be an unnerving experience; we try to keep that in mind and do our best to see that you both feel comfortable and are able to enjoy the time you spend with us.

If you would like to discuss these matters further, feel free to call 702-382-0793 anytime and our staff will be happy to assist you.

Q - How do I request a lady?
A - 
If you know the exact date and time that you would like to visit one of our ladies you can call  702-382-0793 to set up an appointment.  This will assure the availability of the lady you wish to spend time with.

Q - How far from Las Vegas is the World Famous Chicken Ranch
- We are the closest legal brothel from Las Vegas, only one hour west in the town of Pahrump, safe, legal and discreet.

Q - Do you offer transportation service to Chicken Ranch?
- Yes, 24/7, we offer complimentary pick at your location, wait for you while you're here and take you back to the destination of your choice.

Q - What hours are you open?
A - We never close, our ladies are available 24/7

Q - How old do you have to be to visit the Chicken Ranch?
A - You must be 21 years of age.

Q - Do you serve alcohol?
A - We Have a beautiful bar and sun room with a pool table, 5 flat screen televisions. It is a very relaxing environment, friendly staff and beautiful ladies.

Q - Are you handicapped accessible?
A - Yes, The Chicken Ranch is handicap accessible.

Q - Are the ladies tested for STDs regularly?
A - Yes, all the ladies are tested for STD’s and STI’s on every trip they come in and if the stay more than 1 week at the ranch, they are tested weekly.

Q - Are Condoms Required?
A -
Yes, Nevada Law mandates condoms be used in all brothels

Q - How much is a "party"?
A - Sorry,  we cannot quote prices, our ladies are independent contractors and are willing to negotiate your choice of party and each lady establishes her own prices.  

Q - Do you take credit cards?
A - Yes, we take MasterCard and Visa, also Debit cards with the visa or MasterCard logo. We also have an ATM on the premises; & there is no additional surcharge.
Q - Do I have to make an appointment?
A - No, but if there is a certain lady you wish to party with, making an appointment will ensure that lady is available to you at that specific time. No deposit is required.

Q - What girls are available?
A - Lineup changes are done every Tuesday, to view ladies in house see our weekly line-up on the home page.

Q - Can I party with more than one girl?
A - Yes, we suggest you choose your first lady of choice and let her know you would like a 2 lady party.

Q - Can I set up a party for my husband/boyfriend or wife/girlfriend?
A - Absolutely, we have ladies that work with couples, single women, boyfriends and girlfriends.

Q - Do the ladies do Domination/SM parties, fetish parties?
A - Yes, we have ladies that do specialty parties, role playing, fetish parties; our ladies fulfill most sexual requests. You may check out the ladies' profile to see what parties she offers.

Q - Can I take pictures/video?
A - Only some of our ladies will permit pictures, you need to ask the lady. You may take pictures of The Ranch with our new Photo Props out front, and inside our bar and sunroom.

Q - Is there a time limit?  
A - Our ladies do not sell time, they work by activity of your request, for a fulfilling party for you.

Q - Can I send or Bring gifts to any Lady?
A - Yes, the ladies appreciate and love gifts. You may check the ladies profile pages to see what type of gifts she desires.

Q - Can I e-mail the ladies and receive a reply?
A - Yes, If the lady is in house working, her e-mail address is listed in her profile.

Q - Do we sell Chicken ranch Merchandise.
A - Yes, we have a nice display in our bar of our souvenirs and you also can purchase from our on-line store.