Taxi Promotion Details



Earn a $100 Drop Off Money for EACH customer you put into the Chicken Ranch car who books a party at the World Famous Historic Chicken Ranch Brothel. That’s right for each customer that books a party at the Chicken Ranch... you get paid in cash the next day. If the customer changes his mind and does not take the trip or decides to not book a party and spend money at the Chicken Ranch, we cannot pay the $100. It happens, but odds are the ladies will entice the customer to spend his money and book the party.

Most of the time we will call to deliver your $100 Drop Off Money, but either way... we will call and let you know the result of your referral.

Commissions and Fares

Earn BIG Commissions by giving your customer a taxi ride out to Pahrump and the Chicken Ranch Brothel. You can bank a lot of money doing this... especially if you land a big spender. It depends on how good of a salesman you are…

The $500 Customer…

Not the biggest spender, but you can make good money. $500 gets you a $100 commission in cash, on the spot, from the Chicken Ranch. The customer pays you $350 for fare and wait time plus a tip… $20 to $50. Total money to you should be about $150 cash plus your share of the $350 fare. Not bad for 3 hours or so of your time.

The BIG Customer or MORE THAN ONE Customer…

Now this could be some serious money! We regularly get customers who spend some big change… $5000 to $20,000. Or, two or three buddies who together spend several thousand dollars. You get your commission on each one of them. This could add up to several hundred dollars or over a thousand dollar commission plus fare and tips. This type of customer will spend a lot of time so we offer you the option of the Chicken Ranch FREE ride back to Las Vegas.

This is a great option we will offer to you. If you and your customer agree that since he will be a while you can leave and return to Las Vegas. Tell your customer that you have arranged for the Chicken Ranch to give him a FREE ride back to Las Vegas! He can take his time and you are saving him money on return cab fare.

So, the customer pays you $175 for the fare and wait time plus a tip…$100 to $150 or maybe more. You just saved him $175 on return cab fare! Total money to you should be about $150 from the Chicken Ranch plus $150 tip for a total of $300 cash plus your share of the $175 fare. This is really good for 3 hours or so of your time AND... you get back on the road to Las Vegas to make more money.

Take the $$$$ money and run!!

The Chicken Ranch is always working to help taxi drivers make more money. We provide drivers with free promotional material, free beverage and snacks, a free T-shirt or hat and a BIG commission when you bring customers to us.

For more information and marketing material, call Kenny Rhodes,

Transportation and Marketing Manager at 702-684-4445.