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Earn a $100 Drop Off Money for EACH customer you put into the Chicken Ranch car who books a party at the World Famous Historic Chicken Ranch Brothel. That’s right for each customer that books a party at the Chicken Ranch... you get paid in cash the next day. If the customer changes his mind and does not take the trip or decides to not book a party and spend money at the Chicken Ranch, we cannot pay the $100. It happens, but odds are the ladies will entice the customer to spend his money and book the party.

Most of the time we will call to deliver your $100 Drop Off Money, but either way... we will call and let you know the result of your referral.

Commissions and Fares

Earn BIG Commissions by giving your customer a taxi ride out to Pahrump and the Chicken Ranch Brothel. You can bank a lot of money doing this... especially if you land a big spender. It depends on how good of a salesman you are…

The $500 Customer…

Not the biggest spender, but you can make good money. $500 gets you a $100 commission in cash, on the spot, from the Chicken Ranch. The customer pays you $350 for fare and wait time plus a tip… $20 to $50. Total money to you should be about $150 cash plus your share of the $350 fare. Not bad for 3 hours or so of your time.

The BIG Customer or MORE THAN ONE Customer…

Now this could be some serious money! We regularly get customers who spend some big change… $5000 to $20,000. Or, two or three buddies who together spend several thousand dollars. You get your commission on each one of them. This could add up to several hundred dollars or over a thousand dollar commission plus fare and tips. This type of customer will spend a lot of time so we offer you the option of the Chicken Ranch FREE ride back to Las Vegas.

This is a great option we will offer to you. If you and your customer agree that since he will be a while you can leave and return to Las Vegas. Tell your customer that you have arranged for the Chicken Ranch to give him a FREE ride back to Las Vegas! He can take his time and you are saving him money on return cab fare.

So, the customer pays you $175 for the fare and wait time plus a tip…$100 to $150 or maybe more. You just saved him $175 on return cab fare! Total money to you should be about $150 from the Chicken Ranch plus $150 tip for a total of $300 cash plus your share of the $175 fare. This is really good for 3 hours or so of your time AND... you get back on the road to Las Vegas to make more money.

Take the $$$$ money and run!!

The Chicken Ranch is always working to help taxi drivers make more money. We provide drivers with free promotional material, free beverage and snacks, a free T-shirt or hat and a BIG commission when you bring customers to us.

For more information and marketing material, call Kenny Rhodes,

Transportation and Marketing Manager at 702-684-4445.


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We offer unique products from the World Famous and Historic Chicken Ranch Brothel that are not available anywhere else on the web. All of our products are quality made and are perfect for yourself or your friends and family!

Please note that we currently 'ONLY' ship to addresses located in the United States.

We strive to process orders within 7-10 working days from the time you place your order. Customer service, prompt delivery and quality products are what we offer. Thank you for your business.


Welcome to the Chicken Ranch

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Chicken Ranch Brothel, Pahrump, Nevada

The Chicken Ranch Welcomes you to the 'Official Site' of the World Famous Historic Chicken Ranch Brothel, otherwise known as the "Best Little Whorehouse in the West." Here you'll find information on the Ranch including our long history, contact info, our merchandise shop and much more! Take the Virtual Tour.

The Chicken Ranch is the closest LEGAL house of prostitution to Las Vegas. Prostitution is Illegal in Las Vegas, but not in Pahrump where we have been located for over 30 years. Don't get busted in Vegas with Escorts, Dancers, Strippers and Street Walkers... it will ruin your life!  The Chicken Ranch located in Pahrump, Nevada is "The Best Little Whorehouse in the West!"

Come out to the Chicken Ranch located 60 minutes outside of Las Vegas where it's Legal, Safe and Discrete. We gotta 'Lotta Nice Gals' here. We're sure you'll leave with a smile on your face. Heck, we even have FREE TRANSPORTATION from Las Vegas. Call (888) 276-8380 now and book your favorite lady. Can you say you've been laid at the chicken Ranch?

Mention this website to our Madam when you visit and receive a free gift!! Once you've experienced the Chicken Ranch, you'll know why it is World Famous! Couples and Ladies Welcome!

Chicken Ranch Accepts All Major Credit and Debit Cards

Visa and MasterCard accepted, ATM on premises
Complimentary Transportation from Las Vegas!!
Call (888) 276-8380

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